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September 6, 2013
Ballarat YCW Cross Country - Ern Dowling Lap of the Lake 31/8/13

On Saturday 76 runners faced the starter in the combined Lap of the Lake Handicap with runners from YCW, Eureka and Wendouree participating. In excellent handicapping from the clubs, there was 23 runners within 70 seconds of the winner. The first senior to cross the line was Jesse Fullerton from Eureka. In the battle for the YCW Ern Dowling memorial trophy there was one of the closest finishes in club history with 4 seconds separating the first 3. Andrew Lang (21.39) just held of a fast finishing David Grigg (20.40) with a desperate lunge on the line. Nic VanRaaphorst (19.03)  was a further 3 seconds back. The first 6 YCW runners finished within 10 seconds of each other. Jamie Huggett (18.40) recorded fastest time for the day. Rebecca Wood (24.57) was the fastest YCW female. At the national cross country titles in Launceston Louise Wood ran well and was a member of the winning VictorianU20 schools team.

September 6, 2013
Ballarat YCW Junior Cross Country - Brian Howlett Lap of the Lake 31/8/13

YCW Junior Athletics Junior Lap Of The Lake handicap on Saturday produced a surprise result with the Lang brothers first and third, Jayden U/12 winning in 27m39 , and Justin U/10,3rd in 30m38 , both running good times.

Yual Reath U/14 ,ran second in 24m01 ,showing a likeing for longer distances ,as did Bailey O,Keefe who came from way back on handicap to fourth place ,and winning the fastest time tropyy with a 23m13 race . Thw girls fastest time trophy went to Lucy Wheatland in 26m08 . Josh Huggett 25m23 , Liam Berrigan 27m48 , Tahlee Vanroosmalen 28m30 ,Matilda Hill 30m16 , and Ruon Reath 30m34 U/10 were other good runs.

Lunjock Nein just held off a fast finishing U/12 1500m field to take out the win  from Jessica Bridges and Zac Smith for YCW. Felix Oliver 5m52 was fastest for the boys ,with Rory O’Keefe 6m07 next best . For the girls Keely Reid 5m59 ,and Anika Jones 6m06 stood out with quick times .

Samuel Blood ran his fastest ever 1200m race to win the U/10 handicap by a margin .Rory Ludeman got through to second in the sprint to the line ,and Charlie Condemi held third place narrowly from fast finishing backmarker Jack Vanroevan who ran fastest in 4m48 .Evie Caldow was the girls winner in 5m06

With Halle Martin 5m07 next .

A race for the line in the U/8 700m handicap saw Ashlee Gleeson 3m03 and Archie Caldow 2m45 equal first place ,and fastest time for the girls and boys .Brodie Reid 3m03 , and 3m07 runs to Ryan Otto and Ziggy Lee were good runs.

Samara Zakkam took some 40 seconds off her best ,to easily win the U/6 300m handicap in 3m50 .Jessica Dawe and Payton Smith were close for the placings and Hayden Gregg took out fastest time honors in 1m21 , with Lily Clayworth the fastest girl in 1m31 .

GIRLS U/6     1st Samara Zakkam . 2nd Jessica Dawe . 3rd Payton Smith .

    “      U/8     1st Ashlee Gleeson . 2nd Alice Lepair .

    “      U/10   1st Evie Caldow . 2nd Halle Martin . 3rd Jamila Jones .

Girls U/12     1st Jessica Bridges . 2nd Eliza Lepair . 3rd Keely Reid .

    “   U/16     1st Lucy Wheatland .

BOYS U/6     1st Hayden Gregg.

    “     U/8     1st Archie Caldow . 2nd Hamish Jones . 3rd Brodie Reid .

    “     U/10   1st Samuel Blood . 2nd Rory Ludeman . 3rd Charlie Condemi .

    “     U/12   1st Lunyjock Nein . 2nd Zac Smith . 3rd Will Martin-Block .(1500m)

    “     U/12   1st Jayden Lang . 2nd Justin Lang . 3rd Callum Parkinson .

    “     U/14   1st Yual Reith . 2nd Bailey O’Keefe . 3rd Liam Berrigan .