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June 27, 2013
Information on 10k Race with Ballarat Harriers

This Saturday the 29th  of  June will see the Ballarat Harriers Athletic Club host all Ballarat Regional Athletic Clubs, for a combined 5km and 10km Cross Country Road Championship to be held at Victoria Park (Oak Ave).

Please note the starting times for all races are as listed below:

 1.30pm - 400m U/6

1.40pm - 800m U/8  

1.50pm - 1200m u/10

2.00pm - 2000m U/12

2.15pm – 5km & 10km Combined Cross Country Club Championship Races

The Course

Please visit the course link at the following address:

Google Maps Link: <,143.823824&spn=0.01752,0.041413&t=m&z=15&vpsrc=6>

Road Closure

All gates to Victoria park will be closed from 1pm until 4pm Sat.29th June.


The best place to find a park is in Sturt Street opposite Hamilton Ave or Loreto as all gates to Victoria Park will be close for the safety of all participants.

 To help with the fluency of the program we currently need assistance in the following areas:

-          3 Marshals to be located on the course

-          Officials to collect and help collate the results

Kind Regards

Jamie Lawlor

Ballarat Harriers Athletic Club

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June 27, 2013
Hocking Ave Junior Events

YCW Junior Athletics Yual Reath U/14 ,won the 3.3k Rieniets Family handicap at Mt Clear on Saturday . Reath got in front with just 50 metres to go ,going on to win in 13m36 .U/12 runner Jack Seery ran 2nd after leading the race really well in the two circuits of the bridges ,only to be caught near the finish ,a good effort in his first long race .U/ 12  Eliza Lepair was  next in a good run also,followed over the line by Bailey O,Keefe who ran strongly through the field on the second lap to run fastest time of 12m27 .Backmarker Lachlan Simpson 12m37 was also fast ,and Jemma Peart 14m26 was the girls fastest .

Jessica Bridges ran away to win well in the U/12 1500m handicap ,with Macey Luderman in 2nd ,just ahead of the boys winner  Riley Berrigan who held off  Jayden Lang in a close finish .Felix Oliver started late,but ran fastest in 5m50.

Ruon Reath ran a very good 4m06 in his first run to take out the win in the U/10 1k handicap .Rory Luderman and Justin Lang had a good race for the places. Juliette Parlange in 6th was the girls winner ,and Backmarker Jack Vanroevan ran a quick 3m57 fastest time to 7th place in a 20 strong field .

Hamish Jones ran his fastest in 3m05 to win the U/8 600m handicap well .Ryan Otto ,fastest in 2m23 was 2nd ,just ahead of Alice Lepair and Scott Peart with just 4 seconds separating the 4 runners .Archie Caldow 4m24 was fast .

Jorja Tallent ran quicker this week for her 2nd win in a row in the U/6 300m handicap ,and backmarker Hayden Gregg started 10th ,and finished 2nd in an exelent run for fastest time of 1m17 .Lilly Clayworth 1m32 was girls fastest .

GIRLS  U/6     1ST Jorja Tallent .  2nd Erica Jones . 3rd Eva Tallent .

    “      U/8     1st Alice Lepair .  2nd Ashlee Gleeson .

    “      U/10   1st Juliette Parlange . 2nd Mia Lepair . 3rd Halle Martin .

    “      U/12   1st Jessica Bridges . 2nd Macey Luderman . 3rd Anika Jones .( 1500m)

    “      U/12   1st Eliza Lepair .  2nd Jemma Peart . 3rd Hannah Toohey .(3.3k )

GIRLS  U/14     1st Sarah Collins .

BOYS  U/6       1ST Hayden Gregg .

    “      U/8       1st Hamish Jones . 2nd Ryan Otto . 3rd Scott Peart .

    “      U/10    1st Ruon Reath .  2nd Rory luderman . 3rd Justin Lang .

    “      U/12    1st Riley Berrigan . 2nd Jayden Lang .3rd Rory O’Keefe .(1500m)

    “      U/12    1st Jack Seery .  2nd Bailey O’Keefe . 3rd Geordie Hayes . (3.3k)

    “      U/14    1st Yual Reath .  2nd Liam Berrigan . 3rd Josh Walters .

    “      U/16    1st Lachlan Simpson .

June 20, 2013
Chas Suffern Junior Cross Country Events

YCW Junior Athletics held their Cross Country races at the Burrumbeet Racecourse on Saturday .

It was a family double for the Tallent family with Jorja winning ahead of her young sister Eva in the U/6 300m handicap .Third over the line ,and winner of the boys was Jonti Lee in 1m54 with Jessica Dawe next to finish

Hamish Jones lead all the way in the U/8 700 metre handicap to take out a good win ahead of Axal Caldow and Brodie Reid who missed catching the leader by 3 seconds . Brodie Tallent ,Ziggy Lee and Ryan Otto came in close together . Ashlee Gleeson won the girls in 3m18 , with Matilda Myers and Alice Lepair close on 3m19. Archie Caldow was fastest overall in 2m48 .

Callum Shillington lead the U/10  1100 metre field away , but at the finish in was Angus O’Keefe who crossed the line a winner in 5m38 . Tim Collins ran a good race for second place in 5.00 ,and behind came the battle for the girls ,with a narrow win to Sophie Wheatland from Ruby Saunders who came from behind to almost catch the winner .Charlie Condemi lead a big group of runners to the line with Jamila Jones , lochie O’Keefe , Alana Peart and Mia Lepair all close together .

The inter club U/12 1600 metre race lead the YCW runners to the line in second place in 6.25 ,and a great run from Rory O,Keefe ,U/10 in 5th place to collect the bronze medal for the boys .Another big run came from Keely Reid ,in 3rd overall , with good support from Ruby Caldow in 6th ,and Matilda Hill in 10th .Anika Jones and Riley Berrigan were handicap winners,from Jack Seery and Keely Reid .

Samuel Parkinson and Lachlan Simpson competed well in the U/16 and senior 6.4k race ,and in the U/14 and U/16 and open womens  3k championship Natalya Hall Dekleva U/16 finished 8th overall ,Bailey O’Keefe U/14 in 10th and Josh Huggett  U/14 in 12th in good runs from all three runners ,Natalya runner 11m54 ,Bailey 12m05 and Josh 12m17 . Wren Dreger 13m24 was the first runner in for the U/14 YCW Girls .

June 13, 2013
Ballarat YCW Junior Harriers progress park events

YCW Junior Athletics held combined races with the other three Ballarat Clubs at Progress Park in Ballarat East on Saturday .

Samara Zakkam was the first YCW runner in the U/6 300m handicap ,her first win,in 4m57 . Jorja Tallent was next ,just holding off the fast backmarker Hayden Gregg who ran the fastest time off 1m20 ,and winner of the boys .

Ziggy Lee just inched ahead off Rupert Archer to win the U/8 800m handicap as the boys crossed the line together .It was equally close for third as Archie Caldow and Brodie Tallent cross side by side ,with Alice Lepair and Ryan Otto next for YCW.Archie Caldow ran fastest time of 3m18 .

The U/10 1k was a straight race ,and for the girls it was again inches in it as Evie Caldow and Halle Martin finished together in a fast time of 4m09 , with Evie getting the nod in a close one .Mia Lepair  4m20 and Juliette Parlange 4m37 were next for  YCW . For the Boys , Jack Vanroevan was the winner in 4m08 ,with not a lot in it as Lochie O’Keefe 4m29 ,Ted Archer 4m30 ,Liam Fish 4m33 and Jacob Cowan 4m34 finished in line .

Felix Oliver ran 6m19 on his way to a fine win in the U/12 1650m race ,with Charlie Wheatland  third over the line in 6m39 a good run also .Keely Reid ,5th in 6m45 ran her best race for the season ,and Ruby Caldow 6m48 was next ,with Eliza Lepair 6m59 next for YCW . Morgan Shillington was the girls handicap winner ,and for the boys , Riley Berrigan and Zac Smith were equal first in the handicap .

A field of 24 runners faced the starter in the U/14 and U/16  3.2k race , and Josh Huggett in second overall was the U/14 winner in 12m58 , continuing on his good form .Zac Oliver was next in U/14 with a 13m53 run .U/10 runner Rory O’Keefe ,7th in 14m42 was a creditable run in his first long run .Wren Dreger ,8th in 14m38 was the girls U/14 winner in a good run ,with Liam Berrigan 14m38 and Liam Parkinson 14m45 not far behind . Lillyana Ryan-Brown 15m13 and Talia Martin 15m21 were the placegetters for YCW.         

June 13, 2013
Progress Park 6.4Km

 Thanks to Eureka for hosting the Progress park Events. Ballarat YCW had 90 of 168 runners that were there. Jamie Huggett (20.54), Nic vanRaaphorst(21.20) and Ben Huggett (22.25) were the first three to cross the line. Paula Nankervis (28.22), Belinda Mirabella (28.49) and Sue Huggett (29.07) were the first three girls to cross the line. There was 18 seconds between the first four in the sealed handicap with Grant Gilbert and Ash Rogers joint winners.
Lachlan Murphy was first to cross the line in the 3.2km. Josh Huggett won the handicap by 4 seconds from Wren Dreger. Samara Zakkam was the YCW winner in the U6 handicap, Ziggy Lee and Rupert Archer finished together in the U8 handicap. Jamila Jones won the U10 handicap and Morgan Shillington the U12 handicap

June 5, 2013
Fred Harasimowicz 5KM Handicap

On Saturday 47 runners took on the challenge of the Fred Harasimowicz 5KM Handicap through the Canadian forest. Shannon Simpson led the field away while Jamie Huggett was last to start. Rebecca Walsh quickly took the lead from Simpson in the first kilometre and surged up the initial climb 2 km climb. Ash Rogers, who was one of the pre-race favourites was also running well early, while Grant Gilbert, having his first run for a while, was carving his way through the field. As the runners approached the last 500m Gilbert overtook Rogers for second place, but Walsh completed a well deserved victory to win in the excellent time of 28.09 for the hilly course. Louise Wood (19.49) finished sixth overall to run the fastest female time and Jamie Huggett (16.14) ran through the majority of the field to run fastest time followed by Nic VanRaaphorst (16.32) and Ben Huggett (17.;21). Natalya Hall-Dekleva (21.31) and Rebecca Wood (21.36) were the next fastest girls.

June 5, 2013
Sparrow Oval YCW Junior Races

YCW Junior Athletics  5k handicap for U/14 and U/16 athletes at Sparrow Oval on Saturday , saw Josh Huggett u/14 , run easily his best race for the season ,to win the race ,and the Frontmarkers Trophy in 21m42 ,second fastest junior time for the day .Liam Berrigan also found some good form to finish second in 24m56  ,ahead of fellow u/14 runner Zac Oliver who ran 23m40 .Natalya Hall-Dekleva  ran fastest time in 21m31 , a good run after giving away some big starts .

Rory O’Keefe U/10 ,had a run with the U/12’s in their 2k handicap ,and impressed by winning in the second fastest time of 8m30 . U/12 winner Will Martin-Block had to sprint hard at the finish as Geordie Hayes was coming home fast behind him. Macey  Ludeman ran 8m46 to win the U/12 girls from Amy Collins .and Matilda Hill was the fastest girl in 8m37 , with a fast 7m49 run from Charlie Wheatland to 8th place in a 16 runner field .

Samuel Blood was never headed in the U/10  1k handicap,winning in his best time of 5m11 , Sophie Wheatland ran second,and the winning girl in 4m58 . Lochie O’Keefe had to work hard for 3rd place ,as Mia Lepair , Jack Vanroevan and Rory Ludeman came in close behind .Jack Vanroevan was fastest in 3m57 .

Brodie Reid  and Tyler Cowan both ran well to head the field home in the U/8 600m handicap . Hamish Jones headed a close run for third place as the girls winner Ashlee Gleeson was just a metre away in forth .

Isabelle Kilborn had a good win in the U/6 300m handicap from Kate Burnett in second by a metre from the boys winner Hugh Myers in third overall .Erica Jones 1m47 and Hayden Gregg 1m18 were fastest .

GIRLS U/6     1st Isabelle Kilborn .  2nd Kate Burnett , 3rd Erica Jones .

    “     U/8     1st Ashlee Gleeson . 2nd Matilda Myers .  3rd Alice Lepair .

    “     U/10   1st Mia Lepair .   2nd Kayla Bridges . 3rd Halle Martin .

    “     U/12   1st Macey Ludeman . 2nd Amy Collins .  3rd Eliza Lepair .

    “     U/14   1st Talia Martin .

GIRLS U/16   1st Natalya Hall-Dekleva . 2nd Lucy Wheatland .

BOYS U/6     1st Hugh myers .  2nd Hayden Gregg . 3rd Rex Brennan .

    “     U/8     1st Brodie Reid .  2nd Tyler Cowan . 3rd Hamish Jones .

    “     U/10   1st Samuel Blood .  2nd Lochie O’Keefe . 3rd Jack Vanroevan .

    “     U/12   1st Will Martin-Block . 2nd Geordie Hayes . 3rd Zac Smith .

    “     U/14   1st Josh Huggett . 2nd Liam Berrigan . 3rd Zac Oliver .

    “     U/16   1st Lachlan Simpson . 2nd Samuel Parkinson .