Ballarat YCW Junior Track and Field Results

Thanks to those who attended our presentation nights on the 3rd of March 2017 and the 10th of March.  We had sensational turn-outs on both nights.

Thankyou to all the parents and children who attended. We were able to hand out most of the medals and certificates

I would like to thank all the people who helped through out the season:

  • Brian Howlett for all his work, week in week out in set-up and pack up
  • Simon Tournier, Marita Rieniets and Kelly Dawe  in the office
  • Ash Rogers, Nat Atherton and James Atherton for all the set up and clean up work and co-ordinating the judges
  • All the parents who helped with the boards on a weekly basis - the night wouldn't happen without your assistance
  • Bernie Blood for his starting efforts each week
  • All the people who helped as judges
  • and any one else who helped



Male Club Person

Male Club Champion

Female Club Person

Female Club Champion

Aggregate Results

2016-17 U9-U16 Josh Retallick Mason Roberts-Dunn Jessica Vandenberg Kayla Bridges  PDF
2016-17 U5 - U8 Winston Kilborn  Harvey Gittins  Ellie Collins  Elsie Nalder  PDF
2015-16 U10-16 Rohan Thiele Micah Hickingbotham Regan Greer Scarlett Eason  PDF
2015-16 U5-U9 Max Mason Jud Buckland Millie Lang Alicia Buckland  PDF
2014-15 U10-16 Sebastian Streat Joshua Frawley Lavinia Male Ishawani  Turnbull  PDF
2014-15 U5-U9 Taj Vandenberg Aiden Wiltsher Mila Schwarz Ashlee Gleeson  PDF
 2013/14 U10-U16 Todd McKinley Sam Pearse Isabella Henning Keely Reid  PDF
 2013/14 U5-U9 Mason Roberts-Dunne Ryan Hovey Lena Wiltsher Ashlee Gleeson  PDF
2012/13 U10-U16 Tyler Weickhardt Rhys Perry Kyla Palmer Astrid Livitsanis Download PDF
2012/13 U5-U9 Not Awarded Ryan Hovey Not Awarded Ashlee Gleeson Download PDF
2011/12 U10-U16 Noah Ryan Jackson Perry Lily O'Neil Astrid Livitsanis Download PDF
2011/12 U5-U9 William Drury Ryan Hovey Jessica Clark Ruby Lovel

Download PDF

2011 U11-U16 Fraser Shillington Mitchell Atkins Danni-Mae Perry Jamie-Lee Palmer

Download PDF

2011 U5-U10 Rylan Pfeiffer Ryan Friedrichs Mahalia Weiickhardt Astrid Livitsanis

Download PDF

2010 U11-U16 Brayden Ward Lachlan Thorton Alia Ryan Paige Ryan

Download PDF

2010 U5-U10 Mitchell Miller Ryan Friedrichs Riana Lee Sophie Kurzman

Download PDF